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Therapy Session

Mental Health Assessment

We offer assessments for common mental disorders including depression, generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder.

The assessment option is good if you are wanting to understand whether your difficulties relate to a particular mental health condition.

The assessment will last up to 90 minutes and will involve history taking, questions on the current difficulties you are experiencing and the use of psychometric tests to assess presence and severity of symptoms.

Following this you will be provided with a brief report on the condition you are presenting signs and symptoms of. The results of the psychometric tests and what they indicate. Some information on the disorder and a recommendation for treatment.


  • £150 

Fees payable at the time of booking.

Before your assessment it would be useful if you could: 

  • Make a list of the symptoms and difficulties you have been having.

  • Think about how these symptoms have been impacting your day to day life.

  • Think about whether there are things you are avoiding.

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