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Discover How Counselling Can Help You Overcome Your Challenges and Achieve Your Goals

What is Counselling

Counselling is about having a chat with a trained professional in a private, and non-judgemental space. Your counsellor is here to help you become more self-aware and gain insights into yourself, your relationships, and how you respond to others through thoughtful conversation and exploration.

Counselling is a great choice if you want to understand your challenges better. Your counsellor will guide you through a core counselling approach, like psychodynamic, humanistic, integrative, or relational, to make sense of things.

In counselling, you won't typically get direct advice or be told what to do. Instead, the focus is on understanding your feelings and finding emotional meaning. Your counsellor is here to support you in finding your solutions and developing your coping skills through empathetic listening, emotional exploration, and encouragement.


If you are looking for private online counselling delivered by experienced BACP-accredited counsellors based in Leeds, London, Manchester and Yorkshire

What can Counselling help with...

Counselling can be beneficial for a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety (as a secondary issue, if anxiety is the primary issue then you may benefit more from a CBT approach)

  • Physical health conditions

  • Difficult life events

  • Bereavements

  • Loss

  • Divorce

  • Work or academic stress

  • Difficult emotions

  • Low self-esteem

  • Self-criticism

  • Anger or  irritability

  • Mild substance misuse

  • Sexual identity issues

  • Relationship problems

How many Counselling sessions will I need?

Typically, you might need around 6-12 counselling sessions, depending on the severity and complexity of your situation.​

Fees: £60 for a 50-minute session, payable at the time of booking.

How Can We Help You With Counselling

As counsellors, we're here to help you overcome your unique challenges and reach your goals through counselling. Counselling is a process that helps you understand yourself better, identify your strengths, and develop effective coping skills. It can assist with various issues like depression, grief, relationship problems, self-esteem, and more. Here's how counselling works for some of these concerns:


  • Depression: Recognising and changing negative thoughts and beliefs that contribute to sadness and hopelessness is a key focus. Boosting your activity levels and engaging in enjoyable activities can increase happiness and fulfilment. We'll also enhance your self-esteem and confidence by focusing on your strengths and achievements.

  • Grief: Expressing and processing emotions related to loss, as well as coping with life changes, is a crucial part of the process. We'll help you find meaning and purpose in life after loss and guide you towards a hopeful and resilient future.

  • Relationship Problems: Effective communication and respectful interaction with partners, family, or friends are vital. We'll help you resolve conflicts constructively and improve intimacy and trust in your relationships.

  • Low Self-Esteem: Identifying and challenging negative self-image and self-criticism is the starting point. We'll work together to develop a positive and realistic self-image, self-acceptance, and set achievable goals aligned with your values and interests.


Counselling is a collaborative, supportive journey where we, as counsellors, join forces with you to achieve positive outcomes. It's tailored to your goals and preferences.


If counselling interests you, please reach out for a free telephone consultation.


"I want to express my gratitude to this service and particularly my therapist for their solid support. My therapist helped me recover from emotional wounds. Their patient approach made me feel heard and understood. Thanks to the guidance, I have gotten more resilient and a renewed sense of hope. I highly recommend. 5 stars.’’

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