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EMDR for Performance Anxiety

EMDR can be used to help with performance anxiety.  It does this by: 

  • Identifying underlying causes: EMDR can assist people in exploring and processing old events or memories that contribute to their performance anxiety. Anxiety over performing can be caused by difficult past experiences. EMDR can help uncover these root causes and then address them.

  • Reducing emotional reactivity: EMDR can assist individuals in becoming less emotionally reactive to their triggers and worries. The therapist would assist the individual in processing distressing memories and emotions by providing bilateral stimulation (usually through eye movements, but also through tapping or aural cues). This can reduce the intensity of anxiety connected with performing.

  • Replacing negative beliefs: EMDR can help people discover and change negative thoughts or self-talk about their performance. These negative beliefs frequently contribute to worry. Individuals can use EMDR to work on replacing them with more positive and empowering ideas.

  • Building self-confidence: EMDR can help individuals gain self-confidence and self-esteem by resolving prior traumas and negative experiences. This greater self-assurance can help to alleviate performance anxiety.

  • Enhancing performance skills: EMDR can be used to reinforce pleasant experiences and visualise successful performances. Individuals can use this to mentally prepare for upcoming performances and boost their self-efficacy.


It's important to remember that, while EMDR can help some people with performance anxiety, it may not be the best or most successful treatment for everyone. Therapy should be chosen in collaboration with a skilled mental health practitioner who can assess the individual's specific requirements and circumstances.

Performance anxiety can be multifaced and may require a combination of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, relaxation techniques, and performance coaching, to effectively manage and reduce anxiety in performance situations.

Presentation/Public Speaking Anxiety EMDR Therapy

EMDR for public speaking anxiety helps individuals conquer their fear of addressing audiences. It addresses past negative public speaking experiences, enhancing confidence and reducing anxiety in future speaking engagements.

Musical Performance Anxiety EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy for musicians battling performance anxiety helps target the root causes, such as past performance setbacks or critical feedback. This therapy would helps musicians perform with enhanced confidence and poise.

Athletic Performance Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Athletes facing pre-competition jitters can benefit from EMDR therapy. EMDR helps tackle past performance failures or traumatic experiences, enabling athletes to excel without anxiety holding them back.

Job Interviews and Career-Related Anxiety EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy can help address past job-related traumas or negative experiences that contribute to interview anxiety. It empowers individuals to approach job interviews and career-related situations with greater confidence.

Acting and Audition Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Actors and actresses dealing with audition anxiety or stage fright can find relief through EMDR therapy. It addresses past negative audition experiences, allowing you to perform with reduced anxiety and greater confidence.

Academic Performance Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Students plagued by exam or academic presentation anxiety can benefit from EMDR. It helps process past academic failures or traumatic experiences, reducing anxiety in future academic settings.

Business and Sales Presentation Anxiety EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy targets the root causes of anxiety for professionals in sales or business presentations. It enables individuals to present ideas with greater confidence.

Sports Coaching Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Coaches struggling with performance anxiety when working with teams or athletes can turn to EMDR therapy. It addresses past coaching failures or negative experiences, boosting confidence and coaching abilities.

Dance Performance Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Dancers experiencing anxiety before performances or competitions can benefit from EMDR therapy. It helps process past dance-related traumas, leading to increased comfort and confidence on stage.

Social Performance Anxiety EMDR Therapy

Social anxiety can affect performance in various social situations. EMDR therapy targets past social failures or traumatic experiences, reducing social anxiety and promoting healthier interactions.


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"My EMDR treatment helped me resolve deep-rooted trauma that I had struggled with for years. My therapist made me feel comfortable going over painful memories. I highly recommend my therapist to anyone wanting to recover from trauma."

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