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Clinical Supervision for CBT Therapists

 If you are seeking private online CBT supervision delivered by experienced BABCP accredited cognitive behavioural therapists based in London, Manchester, or Yorkshire, you've come to the right place.

What is Clinical Supervision

As CBT supervisors, we are here to support you on your journey and help you excel in your CBT practice through CBT clinical supervision. Our clinical supervision services are designed to enhance your CBT skills, knowledge, and practice by offering you regular feedback, guidance, and encouragement.

Let's dive into how clinical supervision can assist you in different aspects of CBT:

  • Case Formulation: If you're grappling with case formulation, we are here to help. We'll delve into the principles and models of CBT formulation. We'll also work on using the right assessment tools and methods to gather crucial information about your client's situation. Together, we'll craft a personalised formulation with your client to guide your interventions.

  • Intervention Planning: When it comes to intervention planning, we've got your back. We'll select and implement evidence-based CBT interventions tailored to your client's unique needs and formulation. Setting SMART goals and tracking progress using standardised measures will be part of our toolkit. We'll also be flexible, adapting your intervention plan as your client's needs evolve.

  • Session Structure: Navigating the structure of a CBT session is important, and we'll walk you through it. We'll cover the basics, from setting the agenda to reviewing homework, diving into the main topic or technique, summarising, and assigning homework. We'll also help you hone your therapy skills, like active listening, empathy, and effective questioning.

  • Therapeutic Techniques: Mastering CBT techniques is key, and we are here to guide you. We'll work on identifying and challenging automatic thoughts, core beliefs, and cognitive distortions. Plus, we'll tackle designing and conducting behavioural experiments, using exposure therapy, teaching relaxation skills, applying problem-solving strategies, and boosting motivation and self-efficacy. You'll learn to adapt these techniques to suit your client's unique situation and learning style.

  • Outcome Evaluation: Evaluating the effectiveness of your CBT interventions is essential. We will results from outcome measures to inform your clinical decisions and enhance your practice.

  • Collaborative and Reflective Process: Remember, clinical supervision is a journey we take together. It involves both us as your supervisor and you as the supervisee working collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes. Your learning needs and goals shape our supervision sessions, and we'll tailor them to your experience level and competence. 

Why is Clinical Supervision Important

Clinical supervision provides therapists with a structured platform to:

  • Enhance and Maintain Skills: Supervision facilitates therapists to improve their professional abilities, implement new strategies, and stay current on evidence based practices, thereby enhancing client results.

  • Reflect on Practice: Supervision provides a space for therapists to reflect on their client work, their skills or explore any issues or dilemmas that arise during sessions and discuss techniques to manage them effectively.

  • Ensure Ethical Conduct: Supervision helps ensure that therapists adhere to professional codes of conduct and maintain ethical standards in their practice.

  • Boost Confidence: Therapists can gain confidence in their abilities by obtaining constructive feedback and advice.

Our Clinical Supervision Services

We provide clinical supervision for CBT therapists, including trainees. Our supervisors have received specialised training in IAPT clinical supervision and have provided CBT supervision in NHS settings, ensuring that they are well equipped to supervise and support CBT practitioners.

How We Can Help You as a Supervisor

Guidance and Feedback: We offer structured supervision sessions where you can discuss situations, therapy approaches, interventions, treatment plans, and any difficulties you may be experiencing. Our constructive suggestions and guidance are intended to improve your abilities and therapeutic effectiveness. Alongside case discussion, we are keen on the use of active supervision methods such as role-play, modelling, and Socratic dialogue. We also encourage our supervisees to bring tapes of client sessions and can use the CTS-R to review these.

Supportive Environment: Our supervision sessions stimulate personal and professional development by providing a secure and nonjudgmental environment in which you can openly share your experiences and concerns. You are free to use and structure the supervision session however you want. We are very friendly and down to earth, and we try to keep a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere in all our supervision sessions. We are very open to regularly reviewing the therapeutic relationship.

Ethical Practice: We can assist you in navigating ethical dilemmas and in making ethical decisions, ensuring that your therapy work adheres to ethical standards.

Professional Accreditation: We assist therapists in meeting the standards for professional accreditation, allowing them to advance in their role and continue to practice in accordance with the BABCP’s criteria.

What does clinical supervision involve?


£70 for a 60 minute session.

We understand that every therapist's journey is unique, and that needs may vary. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options for supervision. Whether you prefer fortnightly, monthly, or ad hoc sessions, we are able to offer this. 

Private Practice Guidance

If you are starting your journey as a therapist in private practice we can help.  We can offer advice and guidance from our own tried and tested experiences on setup, marketing, client acquisition and ongoing mentorship to help you establish yourself in the field of private therapy practice. 


To discuss supervision with us, get in touch.


Nabeela has been a fantastic source of support and encouragement throughout my CBT training. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without her consistency, guidance, and patience. She has provided me with direction, resources, knowledge, understanding, and clarity in clinical skills and practice. As well as teaching me the importance of self-compassion, self-care and self-reflection as a therapist. 

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