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Client Therapy Contract (for clients referred by external companies) Template


Creating contracts/agreements for client therapy services can be challenging, particularly when there can be different terms and conditions based on where the client is coming to you from.


To simplify this process, we have developed our template designed to meet the specific needs of therapists, psychologists, counsellors, and related professionals who work with clients referred by external companies.


Why Choose Our Template:


Thorough Coverage:
Includes comprehensive sections on client responsibilities, sessions details, cancellation policies, communication policies, conflict resolution, ethical standards, emergency procedures, termination, remote session policy, confidentiality, data collection, lawful bases, client rights and client acknowledgment.


Easily editable to match your practice’s unique needs.


Professional Standards:
Maintains clarity and professionalism in outlining expectations and agreements.


Simplified Contracting Process:
Streamlines administrative tasks with a ready-to-use template, saving you time and resources.



Whether you are new to taking referrals from external companies or whether you are refining your existing agreements, our client therapy contract provides a great framework.


Customisation Options:


Redlined Changes:
Easily identify and update necessary modifications highlighted in red.


Relevance to Your Practice:
Remove, add, or modify sections that are not relevant to your specific practice or operational requirements, ensuring the contract aligns precisely with your needs.


Important Note:
While accurate and compliant at creation, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content remains relevant to your practice and meets all current legal requirements.


Download Your Template Today and Start Building Referral Partnerships!


Document Information:

  • Format: Microsoft Word Document
  • Pages: 5

    Client Therapy Contract for Referrals from External Companies

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